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Raised in southern Ontario, Canada, JP’s passion for angling has remained a constant in his life. Throughout high school and university, JP‘s are ardor for competitive sports carried over into fishing and flourished while chasing salmon and trout drifting rivers, which eventually led him to lake fishing and then local bass tournaments.

In 2005, JP entered the pro-am circuit as a boater after only five years of competing in small tournaments, winning rookie of the year in convincing fashion.

Since 2006, JP has hosted 3 Fishing shows airing across North America. In 2013 JP changed directions creating his current show Breaking Boundaries which returns for it's 7th season this year, showcasing the plethora of angling opportunities that exist.

From fly-fishing to trolling, Bluewater to brackish, JP experiences the fascinating world of angling using different genres, techniques, species and locations which may or may not relate to his expertise in convectional freshwater bass fishing. Focusing on angler education and travel entertainment, Breaking Boundaries continues it's reach, recently expanding with distribution in Spain and Portugal, Global On Demand though Waypoint TV and available in the US and UK through Amazon Prime.

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