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MLF Pro Circuit Angler

2019 FLW Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier

2018 FLW International Division Champion

Erik Luzak’s journey began on a small lake in Southern Ontario, Canada. Where he would watch anglers from the dock as they competed in local Bass tournaments. Erik studied their techniques, and envisioned himself competing against the best Bass anglers in the world.

Erik started at the local club level, fishing as a non-boater. Later on advancing to the Competitive Sport Fishing League (CSFL) at the age of 16, where he became the youngest boater to qualify for the CSFL Classic. Through writing editorials in various publications, Erik developed a passion for educating others. In 2005 he founded Bass Class; a professional fishing school specialized in teaching the techniques of bass fishing. As his career grew, so did his following. With his success on the local tournament trail and educational seminars, Erik was becoming known as one of the areas top anglers.

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